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smart assist's FAQ

How many hours can I record internally? And externally?

The standard 1TB SSD internal hard disk allows 40 hours of recording in ProRes Proxy. There are options to increase internal storage, ask us about it.
With external hard disks (USB 3.0), this time can be virtually increased without limitation.
Smart Assist 4 Mark II has a user replaceable internal hard drive, so user can upgrade the drive as larger drives become available.

Why isn't there a larger hard drive?
Can I use a normal keyboard and a mouse? Can I use pendrives and external disks?
Can I install Office, Final Cut and other programs?
I already have the QTAKE, can I only buy the hardware?
How long does it take to learn to use the Smart Assist?
Can I rent it?
Does it use a GPU output?
Can the inputs be independent?
Is there a Thunderbolt connector in the external part of the Smart Assist?
Why no Thunderbolt ports?
How long does a camera battery last?
Can I stop the fans?
Can you make it in lower screen size?
¿Can I have dual view in one monitor?
Can I record and playback simultaneously?