A bit of history

About us

We’re Ovide, a camera rental company founded in 1994 in Barcelona, Spain.

Our story with Ovide Smart systems begun after years of looking for the perfect video assist equipment.

We couldn’t find the enduring and standardized solution we were looking for and, as a result, we decided to develop our own system for us to rent.

Our clients were so happy with our custom video assist system they begun to ask to buy it, so we thought: why not?

Ovide Barcelona offices

Ovide Madrid

Ovide Madrid offices

We evolved from a rental company to a specialized video assist manufacturer also.

Nowadays we have designed, developed, evolved and manufactured several video assist systems with a great acceptance in the industry.

We have agreements with all over the world dealers and our systems are used in more than 50 countries.

We can proudly say that our Ovide Smart systems have been used in plenty of world-renowned productions.

We work hand-to-hand with QTAKE to evolve together and offer our clients better systems every day.

Our Ovide Smart systems run QTAKE, the most standardized video assist software in cinema industry.

We have designed and built our own electronics to embrace QTAKE’s high requirements. Our systems aim to be uncomplicated all in one systems.

We also have the background expertise of a rental company and we are everyday connected to cinema industry, that’s why our systems are rock-solid, easy-to-use, and are designed with useful details.

Ovide Smart custom electronics

Ovide Smart custom electronics