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These FAQs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Ovide Smart Assist and QTAKE.

If you don’t find an answer to your question here feel free to submit a support ticket or contact us.

The standard 1TB SSD internal hard disk allows 40 hours of recording in ProRes Proxy. There are options to increase internal storage, ask us about it.
With external hard disks (sing USB-C or USB 3.0), this time can be virtually increased without limitation.
The video drive is user replaceable, so user can upgrade the drive as larger drives become available.

1TB is the best combination of SSD storage and pricing you can get in 2.5″. We can upgrade this to larger drives, upto 4TB. There are larger sizes available, but price increases exponentially.

Yes, you can connect any peripheral you wish through an USB. If it is compatible with a Mac, it will work.

Yes, the Smart Assist works with OSX and is in fact a Mac computer with a lot of modifications: you can install the software you prefer. In any case, its software and its operating system have been optimized to be used for videoassist and installing other programs can affect the overall system performance.

Yes, of course. Smart Assist can be bought with or without software. The system will be delivered ready, with its software installed and checked, you will only have to insert the dongle in the hidden port.

The Smart Assist makes the use of the QTAKE very intuitive. The touchscreen makes it very easy. The basic operations take only a couple of hours. To become an advanced user can take several days of training and actual shooting.

Smart Assist has a warranty of one year.

Of course, Ovide is a rental company and we can rent products within the European Union. For rentals in your country werther it is in the EU or outside of it, let us know and we’ll put you in contact with rental companies around the world.

It depends on the model. Smart Assist HD2 does not, but Smart Assist 4 Mark II, does.
Smart Assist 4 Mark II uses GPU outputs, so this is the lowest delay you can work with QTAKE.
Smart Assist HD2 only uses the constant playout output (not GPU). Our HDSDI are independent and can be of any format.

In both cases, our outputs are totally processed, including colour correction, chromakey, OSD,  dual view (quad with Smart Assist 4 Mark II), etc. You can of course disable processing and have live passthrough of the incoming feeds.

Yes, all the inputs can be of totally different formats and do not need to be synchronized.

No, there is no Thunderbolt available on the external part.

There are no external rugged connectors yet (that we know of) and there are still some issues of compatibility when plugging/unplugging, board order, etc. Contact us for further info.

A Bebob V140RM will last  around one hour and a half in Smart Assist HD2. With Smart Assist 4, a Bebob V290RM will last about an hour. On top of that Smart Assist 4 has an internal UPS that will let you run your system for 2 minutes without any power source. Recording settings on Smart Assist 4 are limited when running on batteries, please refer to user manual.

The exact length (life) will depend on the recording timing, the data processing applied to the image, the screen brightness, whether you use the reading lamp and the feeding external ports.

No. The Smart Assist is a computer and you cannot stop any computer fan. It would not work for more than 30 seconds without shutting down or being damaged. In any case, the noise of the fan is very low and constant, so no surprises of a sudden acceleration of fans.

Smart Assist 4 MkII can change fan speed from QTake to lower noise while recording and boost airflow when in hot environments.

We could do it (not planned), BUT thickness would dramatically increase as all the back of the monitor is full of boards.

Yes, QTake lets you see two images in one monitor. As outputs are independent, you can have multiple dual outputs, two independent outputs or one of each in Smart Assist HD2.

With Smart Assist 4, there are multiple layouts available for each of the outputs including dual, triple and quad views.

Sure you can. You can record and playback simultaneously.