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All you need to work is your Apple computer with QTAKE, a cable will turn into a fully equipped video assist set and you are ready to go.

The hub

The Dock transforms your computer into a fully equipped hub for video assist operators with an only cable.

multiple connectors
Add connections

The Dock adds a USB-C, three USB 3.0, one USB 2.0 and an Ethernet Gigabit connectors.

connect cameras
Connect your cameras

The Dock adds 2 inputs and 6 video outputs for the cameras and monitors.

standard hardware
Standard hardware

A standard hardware makes very easy to show to other operators how to work, and also makes it easy to resolve the possible issues.


The handles are designed as cheeseplates to mount accessories such as mini monitors or wireless video transmitters and receivers. 

Custom electronics detail
Ovide’s custom electronics

We build at Ovide our own electronics to embrace QTAKE’s requirements.

ipad with qtake visual
Streams to iPads & iPhone

Stream live video or independent playback to up to 16 iDevices (iPad and iPhone), each one with independent playback, permissions and watermarks.

Ergonomic platform

Position your computer to suit your ergonomics with the adjustable platform.

aiata friendly
Cabin luggage

Travel with your whole system as cabin luggage due its reduced size and weight (7,65Kg).

mains and batteries
Power & hot swap

Works with mains or a block or a camera battery.

It automatically switches power sources as they become available, without interruptions.

Rack mountable

Rack mount your Ovide Smart Docks and take them anywhere.

Removable SSD video drive

The SSD video drive can be easily removed and swapped. Just pull the buckle and the drive will slide out.