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Ovide Smart Assist 2 EVO

Record, playback and do the FX with one camera at 4K or with 4 HD/2K cameras.

Ovide Smart Assist 4 EVO

Record, playback and do the FX with 4 HD/2K cameras  one 4k camera.

Ovide Smart Assist side view
all in one
All in one

Everything you need is inside: touchscreen, electronics, SSD, editor…

aiata friendly
IATA friendly

Its transport case complies with IATA size and weight to travel as checked luggage.


Cooling system carefully designed to avoid overheating.


Although it’s a powerful equipment it’s quite silent so it doesn’t disturb on set and fan speed is variable.

Touchscreen browse button detail
22” 4K DCI P3 touchscreen

Enjoy the superb quality of a 22” 4K DCI P3 display that is a touchscreen, sharp, super bright (500 nits), true color… If you prefer using the keyboard and mouse, you can still do it.

Custom electronics detail
Custom electronics

We build our own electronics to embrace QTAKE’s requirements.

ipad with qtake visual
Streams to iPads & iPhone

Stream live video or independent playback to up to 16 iDevices (iPad and iPhone), each one with independent playback, permissions and watermarks.

Connectors and mini-displays detail
Built in video router

You can choose what you want to see in each of the outputs: live feed from the input, playback, processed output, multiviewer… All controlled from the familiar QTAKE interface.

mains and batteries
Mains or batteries

Works with mains, block and camera batteries, and it informs about remaining capacity of the battery and running time.

Hot swap

It automatically switches power sources as they become available, without interruptions.


The system will warn when all power sources are disconnected and will run the system for 2 minutes, so you have time to put a new battery.

low delay
Low delay output

Built in GPU processor means you will get the lowest processed video possible for QTAKE.

Removable ssd video drive

The SSD video drive can be easily removed and swapped. Just pull the buckle and the drive will slide out.

WiFi & Bluetooth

You can use any Bluetooth devices such as keyboard, mouse or headsets and have a wifi connectivity.

Cheese plate detail
Cheeseplates & Handles

The cheeseplates are designed to mount accessories such as mini monitors or wireless video transmitters receivers. The handles help to transport the system in an easier way, and they alsowork as cheeseplates.

Connectors and mini-displays detail

All connectors have enough space between them so that it is comfortable to plug and unplug.

Velcro detail

Special inserts allow the use of velcro ties to fasten cables or other accessories.

Gooseneck lamp detail

Connect the lamp to the output to read scripts or camera reports. Choose between a white light or a red light (for sets with dimmed light).

high performance
High performance

Record up to 4 cameras in ProRes444 simultaneously with h264

rock solid

Solid touchscreen, tough construction materials and high-end connectors


It even works in the worst conditions such as deserts and jungles

High-speed connectivity

USB-C 3.1, USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet connections are available for blazing fast transfer speeds.


Record, playback and do the FX with one camera at 4K or with 4 HD/2K cameras:

wdt_ID   2K - HD Mode 4K Mode
1 Cameras 4 1
2 Inputs 4x SDI 1x Quad SDI/Dual 3G
3 Outputs 12x SDI, 1x Composite 3x Quad SDI / Dual 3G, 1x Composite

Connect up to 128 cameras

Thanks to its 4 inputs you can control up to 4 different cameras at the same time, but you could link 8 Smart Assist 4 EVO to control up to 32 cameras, but if your multicam shooting is a total wildness you could also add 4 quadsplits and control up to 128 cameras.


Up to 12 SDI outputs

12 SDI outputs to send the video to any device you need such as monitors, transmitters, streaming equipment…


Routed outputs

Ovide Smart Assist 4 EVO has a built-in video router you to feed and control your complex video village using the touchscreen or an iPhone. Choose a feed and name it and the OLED display will show it next to the BNC connector, this way cabling it’s really simple. Not only the label is displayed, also the video content (live, camera, quad split…).


Allows to record, playback and do all the FX with 2 HD/2K cameras:

wdt_ID   2 Cameras Mode
1 Resolution 2K or HD
2 Inputs 2x SDI
3 Outputs 6x SDI, 1x Composite

Connect up to 32 cameras

1x Smart Assist 2 EVO: Connect up to 2 cameras
8x Smart Assist 2 EVO: Connect up to 16 cameras
8x Smart Assist 2 EVO + 4x Quadsplits: Connect up to 32 cameras


Up to 6 SDI outputs

6 SDI outputs to send the video to any device you need such as monitors, transmitters, streaming equipment…



Ovide Smart Assist has been used in numerous productions such as “Game of Thrones”, “Ocean’s Eight”, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” just to name a few.

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