Smart Dock Specifications

wdt_IDParameterSmart Dock
1Temperature range32-104°F (0-40°C)
3Mass16.86 lb / 7.65 kg
4Dimensions with stand17x13x5" / 440x340x140mm (WxHxD)
15Video hard drive type1TB removable video SSD
16Inputs2× SDI / 2× XLR-3
17Outputs6× SDI / 2× XLR-3
18Data1x USB-C / 2× USB 3.0 / 1× USB 2.0 / 1× Gigabit Ethernet
19TimecodeEmbedded in SDI
20DC Input18-30vdc
21AC Power connectionFischer (Arri type) connector
22Camera batteries socket1× V-Lock mount
24Battery hot swapYes
25Power consumption175w max (while charging the computer)
26Connect up to2× HD/2K cameras
28WifiUsing your Apple computer
29BluetoothUsing your Apple computer